The Floor General - spiller #3 ERIC GILCHRESE
For en spiller Eric er! Her spares det ikke på krefter, innsats eller energi. Og dersom du tror det er gitt at spillere på nærmere 2 meter er dem som ender opp med ballen i hoppsituasjoner, tar du grundig feil. Det er like ofte Eric som plukker ballen, mens de fire-fem andre kjempene må ta beina fatt opp gulvet etter Eric. Og få har Erics evne til smidige og frekke steals. Her kan du lese hva han selv sier om sesongen 2019/2020 i Asker Aliens. Det har vært en sesong preget av blandede følelser.

            Foto: Erik Berglund

                                                "Gedigen Gilchrese" 
Arild Sandven - i reportasjen etter Ammerud-Asker Aliens, 27.02.2020


I have had rather a love/hate relationship experience this season with Asker. The only reason why I use and say the word “hate” is because of some of the less unfortunate events that have occurred this season. Injuries, sicknesses, disqualifications are all some of the reasons as to explain my “hate” description. I know hate is a strong word and I rarely utilize this word, but as a strong competitor and with the aspirations that I and the team had when I signed, one can only agree to why I use “hate”. Of course all of this is just a part of the game, and sometimes you are dealt a bad hand, but I truly believe, that if we could have avoided some of these issues, we would be a much better team record wise. 

                         Foto: Marianne Maja Stenerud

That’s the only frustrating part, a healthy Asker team in the hands of coach Webb is for certain a top 4 team when all pieces are at full strength, but as always; the “love”  outweighs and overpowers the “hate” on my scale. 

"Da det ble klart at Eric Gilchrese gjerne ville spille for Kenneth Webb denne sesongen, var det en enorm opptur for Asker Aliens. Han har levert på banen, men også som medspiller og kamerat på laget og som veileder og støtte for juniorspillerne." Monica Kaasa, styreleder Asker Aliens

Some of the things that I have loved this season are my teammates. They are a really great group of guys, wanting to get better, listening and showing a certain respect level for me, which I greatly appreciate. 

 .                            Foto: Marianne Maja Stenerud

"My personal relationship with coach Webb , he’s a mentor and a person I admire dearly. He has kept me motivated and just been there for me in all aspects." Eric Gilchrese 

This list can go on from here, hence this is why the love always wins vs the hate. I came in wanting to help the youngster, wanting to be a leader and a person guys could follow behind - and og course be able to compete for a championship. I feel those were accomplished even as the record may not say it currently, but we are still in a position to make playoffs, and who knows what can happen from there. Through everything that has occurred , that “competing for a championship” is still reality.

                                Foto: Marianne Maja Stenerud

"Never give up, keeping pushing and believing in yourself and abilities. Hard work pays off , and if you want it bad enough you will surpass others and make the nonbelievers believers." 

Eric Gilchrese

Fun facts:
My favorite player: Ty Johnson. An older cousin of mine that was also a PG that thought me everything about the game, from skills to understating the game. He was very helpful with my progress as a basketball player and I credit and thank him for that. He was a standout high school and collegiate star.

There are also many more notable NBA names: Lebron James , Kobe Bryant, Jordan, Iverson, Kyrie Irving.

About me: 

I started playing ball at a young age, didn’t really get the opportunity I deserved until senior year in high school. I was the 12th man on the bench literally for a very long time. I say that to say this: Never give up, keeping pushing and believing in yourself and abilities. Hard work pays off , and if you want it bad enough you will surpass others and make the nonbelievers believers. I ended up earning scholarships to play basketball at a two year junior college, and from there earned another division 1 scholarship to finish my last two years at the University of New Hampshire. After graduating and earning a bachelors degree, I was blessed enough to continue playing and start my professional career overseas. I have been playing in various countries all over since graduation 2009.

Thank you Asker Aliens community - for the warm embracement, It’s truly appreciated and let us see what the future holds.

         Foto: Line Seyffarth 

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